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Welcome to the website of the Knox Energy Cooperative Association. In these pages you'll find all the information you need about becoming a member and using natural gas to heat and cook in your home.



Approximately 61 million American households rely on natural gas for their energy needs - and over the next two decades, its use is expected to double. What is it about natural gas that makes it the preferred energy choice?

It's versatile. Natural gas can heat and cool your home, light your street and dry your clothes - all at the same time. Delivered to you by 2 million miles of underground pipeline, Natural Gas is the energy alternative built to withstand all of nature's elements.

It's inexpensive. On average, natural gas costs much less than other forms of energy, making it the least expensive method of meeting your household energy demands. The lower price of natural gas, combined with its high efficiency as an energy source, can significantly reduce your annual energy bills. Many advancements have been made recently to help reduce the cost of converting from alternative fuel sources to natural gas. These advancements help many homeowners see a payback within less than three years.

It's an American product. Eighty-four percent of the natural gas consumed in the United States is produced in this country, and 99% of it is produced in North America. While Canadian exports are expected to fall over the next decade, enormous reserves have been found on the North Slope of Alaska.

It's environmentally friendly. The cleanest burning and most efficient fossil fuel, natural gas is a key energy source for maintaining Earth's environment. Power plants often use natural gas to meet strict air-quality requirements. Using it in the place of other fossil fuels such as oil and coal reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 50%. Natural gas also helps with other environmental concerns such as smog and acid rain.

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